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Client Name: Sandra Johnson
Date of Report: 09/23/10


Sandra Johnson was referred the Chief of Staff of Greenrun Medical Center for evaluation after her work performance and interpersonal relations substantially decreased after being assigned to a nursing missionary stationed in Rwanda. As the head nurse for the missionary Sandra will be stationed in Rwanda with 20 subordinates for a period of 12 months. Due to the recent change in her work performance and behavior her employer questions whether Sandra would still prove to be an asset in such a challenging environment.


Examinee Biography
Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)
Willingness to Care Scale (WTC)
Duke Health Profile (DUKE)
International Personality Item Pool (IPIP-NEO)
Index of Job Satisfaction (IJS)

Sandra Johnson is a 32 year old biracial (African American and Hispanic) female. She is married and resides with her husband and three children. Mrs. Johnson is employed as the lead LPN at Greenrun Medical Center, supervising a staff of at least 30. Mrs. Johnson is approximately 5 foot 3 with an athletic build weighing between 130 and 140 pounds. She is neat in her appearance and appears at least 8 years younger than her years. Mrs. Johnson describes herself as a fun-loving, caring, family orientated individual, whom takes extreme pride in all of her endeavors.

Mrs. Johnson articulates well and demonstrates intelligences slightly above average. While her mood is consistently euthymic and she presents a cooperative demeanor, she admits that she has become counterproductive in her job duties and performance, withdrawn from fellow colleagues, and becoming aggressively rude in relation to interpersonal relations. She also admits that marital disagreements are becoming more frequent sometimes even physically violent. Mrs. Johnson states the lack of adequate rest contributes to such behaviors. Though Mrs. Johnson expresses deep contentment and pride with her promotion to lead LPN, she also recognizes that the supervisory role has tripled her work load and subsequently increased her stress level. She reports experiencing what she labels as “occasional overload burnout” however, she has no suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

Mrs. Johnson admits to having being forced into anger-management therapy during her teen years however, the sessions were terminated due to her being uncooperative. Besides the occasional knee pain associated with a high school injury, Mrs. Johnson seems to be in good physical health. She reports that she occasional takes over the counter pain pills, and nightly she takes over the counter sleep aids. Other than her chosen birth control method, Mrs. Johnson is not prescribed any other medications.

Perceived Stress Scale(PSS): The PSS is designed to measure the degree of which an individual views one’s own life situations as stressful and provides information of how stressful events influence pathology. It has internal consistency with an alpha of .78 and presents a small but significant correlation between higher PSS scores and some self reports of health behavior and significant correlation with the Life Satisfaction Scale. PSS is a 10-item instrument with scales assessing the respondent’s thoughts and feelings (i.e. anger, irritability, confidence, anxiousness, nervousness, etc) and the frequency of such (i.e. never, almost never, sometimes, fairly often, and very often) based on the past months experiences. PSS scores are reported as raw scores with an overall mean of 13.02 and standard deviation of 6.35. Greater levels of perceived stress are represented by higher scores. Mrs. Johnson’s scores 27 on the PSS. Her score (27-13.02= 13.98) is more than double the standard deviation of 6.35 of the overall all mean of 13.02 for all respondents....
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