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Topics: Anxiety, Big Five personality traits, Psychology Pages: 6 (1740 words) Published: December 10, 2012

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Client’s Name: Avery James
Date of Report: 11/6/2012

Ms. James was referred by The Mission Group for evaluation concerning the appropriateness of her participation in a mission trip to rural Africa. The summer trip will consist of a 3-week excursion into remote villages with a team of 10 others. Living accommodations for the team will likely be primitive and possibly changing with little notice. ASSESSMENT METHODS:

Assessment measures administered were:
Examinee Biography
Symptom Questionnaire (SQ)
Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scales (DASS)
Clinical Anxiety Scale (CAS)
Ms. James is an African-American female with a mocha color skin tone. She’s average height and weight with bodily characteristics of a runner. Ms. James is 30 years old, but could easily pass for 24. Ms. James always looks very neat and “put together”. When Ms. James speaks about passionate topics, she speaks with her hands. She has excellent posture and is pleased with her decision to seek therapy. She constantly makes eye contact and is very articulate in telling her story. Ms. James is very outgoing and friendly. She has a warm smile and remained attentive during the initial interview. She enjoys and values performing her work to the best of her abilities. She gains a sense of pride in accomplishing her tasks well. With the exception of her ex-husband, her family relationships appear to have little conflict. She reports that she and her intermediate family generally get along well. Her outside friendships are limited, mainly consisting of her co-workers. Ms. James reports that these friendships are not very close. Ms. James reports that she suffers from anxiety attacks. Since seeking therapy Ms. James has noticed that her anxiety has lessened. Ms. James is not taking any prescribed medication to help with anxiety due to her fear of becoming dependent on the meds and her therapist’s advisement that lifestyle alterations would prove just as effective in this particular case. SUMMARY OF TEST RESULTS:


The IPIP-NEO is an assessment procedure used to estimate a person’s level on each of the 5 broad personality trait domains, and 30 sub-domains of the Five-Factor Model. It consists of 300 items. Answers are provided according to a 5-point Likert-type scale. The numerical scores represent a percentile estimate above other subjects of the same sex and age. Scores lower than 30 for a trait or sub-domain are characterized as “low”, scores between 30 and 70 are identified as “average”, and scores above that are labeled “high”. The following chart reports Ms. James’s IPIP-NEO scores.

Extraversion |48 |Agreeableness |20 |Conscientiousness |43 |Neuroticism |45 |Openness to Experience |14 | |Friendliness |30 |Trust |13 |Self-Efficacy |9 |Anxiety |30 |Imagination |23 | |Gregariousness |41 |Morality |32 |Orderliness |60 |Anger |43 |Artistic Interest |39 | |Assertiveness |28 |Altruism |38 |Dutifulness |31 |Depression |51 |Emotionality |44 | |Activity Level |52 |Cooperation |34 |Achievement-Striving |37 |Self-Consciousness |57 |Adventurousness |7 | |Excitement-Seeking |71 |Modesty |60 |Self-Discipline |43 |Immoderation |33 |Intellect |37 | |Cheerfulness |71 |Sympathy |20 |Cautiousness |67 |Vulnerability |62 |Liberalism |20 | |

Symptom Questionnaire (SQ)

The SQ is a 92-item instrument for measuring four aspects of psychopathology: depression, anxiety, somatization, and anger-hostility. Subjects respond to a descriptive word or phrase with true/false and yes/no answers. Ms. James’s score was 7 on the relaxation component of the anxiety/relaxed sub-scale, which was above average compared with the non-clinical sample. Her score was 12 for the depression/contented sub-scale, which reads high in the area of depression in comparison with the non-clinical sample. Ms. James’s score of 3...
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