Psychological Perspectives for Aggression

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Cognitive psychology Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Psychological Perspectives for Aggression
Psychology is composed of a lot of different branches such as biological psychology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, social-cultural psychology, etc and they all have different justifications pertaining to behavior. Biologically speaking, aggression can be inherited by genes of past generations. If aggression was a quality of the ancestors or relatives of a person then it is likely that the person will also be aggressive. Additionally, if a person was raised with aggressive parents then that person will have the mind set of an aggressive character and therefore will act with violence and force instead of being reasonable. Moreover, in the cognitive perspective if the person is constantly watching aggressive actions then these actions will be stored in their memories. Eventually, when they are faced with a problem or situation they will remember one of the many aggressive memories that they have and the end result will be them acting hostile. Also a pessimist is more likely to act in a contentious manner because of all their negative thoughts. The way someone thinks will reflect in their actions. Furthermore, aggression was developed as a survival instinct, and even today some people still have this characteristic. “Survival of the fittest” plays a very important role in the evolutionary perspective, only the strongest survive. It is highly doubtful that someone who isn’t aggressive will rise to the top, with aggression they receive fear, and respect and they surpass others. Just like in the biological perspective the aggressive trait may be passed down by genes, because one’s ancestors may have been dominant and aggressive to survive. Consequently, one can be easily influenced by their environment, and that’s when the social-cultural perspective comes into view. Depending on who one may surround themselves with can affect the way one acts, the music that one listens to can also be the catalyst to an...
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