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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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* There are various psychological measures which are used to evaluate conditions such as depression in children and adults and even insomnia. The articles Revised Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression and also Antidepressants and the Sound of One Hand Clapping discuss the use of the Hamilton Depression Scale. These articles also compare and contrast the measurements which were discovered by using this scale. Within the contents of this paper is an explanation as to who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure as well as the settings in which it would deem proper to use the measure. Finally, validity of the Hamilton Depression Scale is reviewed within this paper.

Psychological Measure
The Hamilton Depression Scale or normally known as HAM-D is a test that was developed by Max Hamilton around 1960 (Warren, 1994). The test has been revised in the years of 1966, 1967, 1969, and finally in 1980. It is a questionnaire that is filled out by the patient and professional after the patient’s initial interview. The main goal of the test is not to help diagnose the person’s depression, but to test the severity of the depression. Max Hamilton was also clear that the test he created should not be used to diagnose patients, but simply to test the levels of severity. Summary of Articles

The articles analyzed were, Revised Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, written by W.L. Warren and Antidepressants and the Sound of One Hand Clapping written by Ronald W. Pies, MD from the Psychiatric Times.

HAM-D looks at the level of severity of the different symptoms that are found in patients that have depressions. The symptoms of mood, insomnia, agitation, anxiety and weight loss are some the characteristics that are addressed in the questionnaire. In other words, it tests people that have already been diagnosed with clinical depression to find, if any, changes that may have come from treatment, or symptoms that have worsened due to daily struggles. This...
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