Psychological Factors in Consumer Buyer Behavior

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Psychological Factors in Consumer Buyer Behavior

By | June 2012
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Joseph Jumale
PSY 101: General Psychology
Thomas Wade Brown

Psychological Factors That Affect People’s Buying Behavior
Welcome to Anytown, America. It’s a fine Saturdy afternoon. The sun is shining brightly on the roof of John and Jane Doe house. The home is well furnished but not extravagent. It’s a three bedroom 2 ½ bathroom residence with an upstairs, a downstairs, and a basement. The living room comes equiped with a 72 inch flatscreen Magnavox and an accompanying surround sound system dominating everything as anyone enters. Of course there’s both an X-Box 360 and a Nintendo Wii hooked up to the system. Netflix and an extensive cable package are included. It’s all for entertaining guests is what the Doe’s would say. The upstairs master bedroom is bedecked with many modern and relatively new furnishings. A large Sleep-Number bed with fine comforters and heated blankets are the centerpiece. The furnishings are all new, handcrafted, of incredibly high quality, and made in the USA. (An American prison to be exact, but the details of that story are for another paper). In other words the furniture is all very expensive. There’s another flatscreen t.v. but it’s a more modest 48 inches. The Doe’s aren’t going to be entertaining guests in their bedrooms. The Doe’s have a two year old daughter named Janette as a tribute to mom. She’s also got a handmade crib made of high quality wood and some rather fancy toys as well. John has taken one of the rooms for his hobby, playing Magic: The Gathering. Collectible card games are an expensive hobby but that’s ok with John and Jane. The room has a computer and of course, high quality handmade furniture. Mom has her own rather expensive hobby. She develops photography and she’s taken over the downstairs basement. The Doe’s aren’t home. Rather they’re outside.

Mom is outside grilling tri-tip while music plays in the background. The grill is state of the art and the tri-tip comes from a special...

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