Psychological Evaluation

Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Hallucination Pages: 4 (1554 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Patient Evaluation
Professor Harper
Psychology 201
Due: 4/24/2013

I will be performing my evaluation on a patient who we’ll call by the name of Joshua. Joshua is a sixty-three year old Caucasian male. He is married to his wife of the same age and has two sons in their thirties. Joshua said he was from a part of New York City, but preferred not to specify any exact details about his address. Joshua mentioned that he had lived in the State of New York for his entire life, starting in a small town outside of the main city and eventually moving into it. He made a point to state that his lineage extends from the first few Dutch colonizers to settle in New York.

Joshua suffers from an odd phenomenon where he will break out into intense hallucinations triggered by events that occurred in the past. He states that the hallucinations occur often, but they will occur most frequently whenever his sons, specifically one comes home to visit. He can and has bust out into a fit of hallucinations at any time and for any reason that can possibly relate to an event in his past. Something as small as the color of an object being the same as one that could be observed in a past event can trigger these. Joshua also suffers from another psychological issue where he sets unrealistic goals and regardless of if he met them or not, he will live as though he did. Often his hallucinations will include reliving the moment when he first made plans to carry out these life goals. He works as a traveling salesman, and claims that the job is adequately sufficient in up-keeping his lifestyle, when in fact, after speaking with his wife I came to learn he’d been ‘borrowing’ money from his neighbor for the past decade. Another unfortunate issue in Joshua’s case is that his wife who we’ll call Sarah is an enabler. Whenever Joshua goes into his hallucinogenic fits, his wife does nothing about it. It isn’t a matter that she does not care about him, Joshua...
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