Psychological Effects of Childhood Bullying

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Persuasive Speech Outline Format

Name: Andrew Salazar
General Purpose: The effects of bullying and how it hurts children. Specific Purpose: To find solutions on how to fix the childhood bullying problem.

I. Introduction
a. Attention-getter: Being the bigger person over another one is always a great feeling, you feel the rush and power like you can rule the world. Push, shove, kick, punch, slap, tease that’s all the dominant person sees when they are having “FUN” with someone else. What does the weaker person see? What does he/she feel? I bet they don’t like the smell of urine on their face, I bet they don’t like the taste of blood. I bet they don’t like crying. All they see is how horrible their life is being the smaller person to someone else….basically they are in someone’s shadow and they hate how their life is ending up. b. Thesis: Childhood bullying usually makes the victim’s life harder when they are growing up. c. Preview: I will discuss the problem of childhood bullying, the cause of childhood bullying and the many solutions that we can do in order to fix this problem. II. Body

First I will explain the problems of childhood bullying.
a. Problem (Childhood Bullying)
i. Evidence: Childhood Bullying can cause huge problems to the victim’s life. According to “a victim’s life can include signs of depression, isolation, and even suicide.” Having these problems in your life can really effect on how you live, for example in my own experience of being bullied I went through the stage of isolation. Growing up I felt like an outcast in middle school and early high school. I didn’t like being around people so I kept everything to myself. I never left house to do anything, when I was asked to hangout a few times I always made up an excuse to not even show up. This stage makes the victim not have any friends at all because he or she are always thinking if the other people are just “trying” to be their...
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