Psychological Critique of "Never Let Me Go"

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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Dimond 1
Never Let Me Go Psychoanalytic Critique
Although facts about the life of an author cannot often be found in a work of fiction, authors have a tendency to write stories based on their life unconsciously. Kazuo Ishiguro is the author of many award-winning science fiction books, very obviously not based on anything in his life. This psychoanalysis will attempt to show Ishiguro’s unconscious writings. Psychoanalysis was first invented and used by Sigmund Freud, a famous Austrian neurologist. Freud claimed that psychoanalytic investigation would open gateways to the unconscious mind, paths within the mind that had not yet been explored. It was on this idea that Freud based the foundation of the psychological investigations of his patients. He invented the techniques of using “free association “and “the taking cure”. Freud claimed that the use of free association, or relating and thoughts and feelings, would help the patient to learn more about their own thoughts and feelings, thus helping them to make sense of them. He used the talking cure to help his patients talk through their problems and free their unconscious mind and the stream of emotions that were trapped there. He believed that freeing the unconscious mind from repression would help patients to talk and work through their problems personally, even without the help of a professional. He believed that this release from repression, which would cause psychosomatic retardation, was necessary for humans to function normally. Freud’s taking cure is known to be the basis of psychoanalysis.

Kazuo Ishiguro, born in Nagasaki, Japan, but moved to Surrey with his family as an infant. He wrote many novels taking place in Japan, although he had only lived there for a short amount of time. It is my belief that this separation from his home, though his Dimond 2

continuation to write and think about it sparked the central idea of Never Let Me Go. In the novel, students are raised like cattle to be nothing...
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