Psychological Consultation/Evaluation Report

Topics: Social anxiety disorder, Interpersonal relationship, Avoidant personality disorder Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Psychological Consultation/Evaluation report
Name of Client:Ivan Iyambofile no: 12
Date of birth:28 July 1991
Sessions:4 Sessions
Report Dated: 17 September 2010

1.Statement of the problem
Ivan Iyambo was brought in by his father as he (the father) is concerned about Ivan’s social life. We met on several occasions to discuss his concerns which has allowed me a chance to interview Ivan about information I felt was pertinent to the issue at hand. Ivan has some doubts about his mixed ethnic heritage and how it could influences his education and possible future career. The purpose of evaluating Ivan is to provide him with guidance about his social life which will help determine his strengths, weaknesses and interests to help him overcome his problems.

2.Initial observation and impression of the client
Ivan presented as a tall, thin, friendly and handsome boy. He was oriented to time, place, and person. His thought processes, as assessed through the interview, were relevant and coherent. He seems frustrated as he has a strong desire for companionship. Ivan was a reluctant interviewee. He acknowledged at the outset of the interview that he did not wish to talk to me. He had a deliberate style of answering and working on most problems. Responses were usually made in a reflective, thoughtful manner. Fidgeting or difficulties remaining seated were noted. Ivan did not engage readily in spontaneous verbal expression, and had to be prompted or urged to elaborate on brief responses. Motivation to succeed and perform well appeared to be adequate.

Throughout the interview it become clear that Ivan’s worry of disclosing his identity is also affecting his social relationships, and whenever he was with friends he feared of meeting someone knowing his family setup. This extremely makes him restless as his identity might be compromised and he be embarrassed. In addition, Ivan was also...
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