Psychoeducational Group Summary

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Psychoeducational Group Summary – Session Four
Matthew M. Mahar, MBCI, CBCP, MCP
Liberty University
Professor Margo Farwell
December 13, 2012

Psychoeducational Group Summary – Session Four
Our final session was scheduled to begin at 7pm on Monday night. With this being the final planned and organized session, I don’t expect to have any additional participants show up. My hope is that this session will be productive, and act as a closeout to the progress we’ve made so far. It is also my hope that the group desires to continue meeting together, even if I am not hosting or leading the sessions. Introductory Portion

By 6:50pm, most of the previous participants had all arrived, though we were missing two group members from last week. According to the other participants, they stated that the two missing had decided not to attend, as they didn’t want to see the group come to an end. Since this was a planned group dissolution, as described by Forsyth (2010), that foreknowledge probably played a factor in their decision. In my estimation, they had forgotten the discussion at the end of the previous session, where we talked about the group meeting somewhere else, so that the fellowship could continue growing. So, as a group, we discussed the future of the group. It was unanimously agreed to continue the group, though the specific details of the meetings began some discussion. They agreed to table the discussion for the evening, so that we could progress through the discussion points required. With that I handed out the discussion points for this week’s session. Group Observations

Again I gave the opportunity to share anything specific regarding changes in their lives, or within the lives of someone they ministered to or worked with. None of the members volunteered any information, so we began with our discussion points. Each of the discussion points garnered some discussion, but there was a clear lack of lively...
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