Psychoeducation: Psychiatry and Family Members

Topics: Family therapy, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 23 (5207 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Psych education has become the family treatment of choice for schizophrenia

Nowadays, and that the future of family work for those with psychoses will be heavily

Informed by the future of psycho education. However, like many analogous terms

(Such as psychoanalysis, or family therapy itself), psycho education today is an

Umbrella word, under which several different ways of practicing are hosted.

1) Purpose and Rationale
1/a Rational For Choosing This Topic
Family psycho education is an evidence-based practice that has been Shown to reduce relapse rates and facilitate recovery of persons who have Schizophrenia. A core set of characteristics of effective family psycho Education programs has been developed, including the provision of Emotional support, education, resources during periods of cri-sis, and Problem-solving skills. Unfortunately, the use of family psycho education In routine practice in Jordan has been limited. Barriers at the level of the Consumer and his or her family members, the clinician and the Administrator and the mental health authority reflect the existence of Attitudinal, knowledge-based, practical, and systemic obstacles to Implementation.

Family psycho education dissemination efforts that have been successful To date have built consensus at all levels, including among consumers and Their family members; have provided ample training, technical assistance, And supervision to clinical staff; and have maintained a long-term Perspective.

1/b Purpose of This Paper

Is to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient through

Collaborative treatment and management, and to alleviate the suffering

Of the family members by supporting them in their efforts to aid the

Recovery of the person diagnosed with schizophrenia.

2/key Words
(Psycho education, family psycho education, multiple group psycho Education, single family psycho education, mental illness, schizophrenia, Case management, nursing professional).

2/b Research Types
Qualitative, Quantitative and Triangulation, But the almost was Quantitative .

3/c Databases
(Science Direct, Ebsco, Pub med, Ovid, Google Scholar, American Psychiatric Association (APA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA), National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)).

3) Literature Review and Critical Appraisal

1) important of psycheducation:
The patients and their families primary problems are disturbances in relationships with others, decrease in activities, inability to care for self, inability to fulfill marital and family roles, and job loss or hindrance to finding a job, so they are not contented with only receiving general information about their, illness and treatment, but they also express a need for practical recommendations for coping with the symptoms of their illness. it was determined that patients with schizophrenia and their relatives have the greatest need for health education on the subjects of general information about schizophrenia, coping with symptoms of schizophrenia, and communication and social relationships. (Gümüş, 2008).

it is a descriptive study, data collected by a questioner, sample was set randomly, sample size was 80,the Health educational needs Form's validity and reliability be tested in a larger sample for further research, These results are consistent with previous research findings In other related studies it was determined that patients and patients' relatives have the greatest need for education about general information about schizophrenia and coping strategies for general problems.

Another study that support psychoeducation:
(Chien, et .al. 2003) 48 caregivers from two psychiatric outpatient clinics were allocated randomly to an experimental or a control group (mutual support and usual outpatient care) Subjects randomized to the experimental...
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