Psychoanalytic Theory and Criticism

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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How did the plague affected the English people and the English language? The Black Death is the name given to the disease called the bubonic plague which was rampant during the fourteenth century. The Black Death, which swept across Europe, was responsible for the death of more than one third of Britain’s population. By late 1351, the plague had completed its destruction of Europe. The plague took the poor as well as the nobles, the upper classes including king Edward3.The survivors forgot the past as though it had never been and gave themselves up to more disordered and shameful life than they had led before. The plague had an immediate impact on the society, and changed how that society developed in to today’s English. From the Black Death, England gained its sense of individualism, a strong middle classes, and the beginnings of the modern religion. One consequence of the plague that medieval England couldn’t possibly be prepared for, and that was its catastrophic impact on trade and economy. With thousands dying and many more fleeing their lands, no one left to tend the land and crops. As a result, in 1348and 1349, international trade plummeted. Fewer luxury goods and fewer workers are alive to produce them. Meanwhile, the poor who survived the plague suddenly found themselves in a position of power. The plague within months had ravaged communities across the British Isles, transforming their social and economic fabric for good. A significant change in the national language occurred. Since the Norman Conquest, French had been the official language of the government. When the plague struck and caused the deaths of many government officials who had been fluent in French and the teachers who were qualified to teach in schools, the official language was changed back to English, the language of the commoners. The use of French died out quickly after that, and by 1385 was gone completely. Even though the plague caused horrific devastation at...
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