Psychoanalysis of Aggressive Behavior

Topics: Anger, Psychoanalysis, Aggression Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Psychoanalysis of aggressive behavior

Each one of us use the word aggressive or aggression quite often, but do we really know its meaning or how harmful it could be for the person who is aggressive and also to them with whom he is dealing with. Aggression could be defined as a behavior which is meant to harm other people. It can either be verbal or even physical.

Either shown by a person or by various groups, aggression could be the most harmful force in social relationships and also an critical social problem. The point which is important is from where does this start from and what are the factors which influence it.

Many researchers have found that many a times, aggression is combined with violence. This trait in a person is very difficult to identify.

A very well-known researcher Sigmund Freud came up with the psychoanalytical theory of the personality in which he described the unconscious, preconscious and the conscious layers of the mind. All these layers represented different levels of awareness in our brain. He said that the personality is id, which is something we are born with. It is where the basic aggressive drives are stored. According to the theory aggression is not only influenced genetically but also influenced by the surroundings and environment in which we are living in. An apt example is ego, which begins as soon as interaction with the environment starts, and then comes the next stage - superego, which is the moral aspect of humans according to society's standards and values.

Freud believed that a person is born with these inner feelings of aggression, which he demonstrate as a tool to obtain things we want, but the society does not approves this and restricts the use of this unnatural behavior for the reasons which are quite obvious.

When looked through the psychoanalytical theories it says that a person becomes aggressive due to various reasons. It could be because if he wants to to express anger or...
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