Psychoanaltiv and Trait Approach to Personality

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  • Published: September 29, 2010
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Psychoanalytic and Trait Approaches

Personality may well be one of the most fascinating fractions in which many fields of psychology have spent decades trying to understand and explain. Because of the possible multiple dimensions involved in a single personality could offer explanation into why so many theories and sub-fields of psychology have been dedicated to this process. For the purpose of this students research the two approaches for gaining some understanding and explanation into personality will be the psychoanalytic approach and the trait theory approach. Throughout the following pages a comparison and contrast of the psychoanalytic approach and the trait theory approach will be examined. Two characteristics of each approach will be offered in which this student agree and two in which she does not agree along with an explanation for the agreement and disagreement. The oral and anal components of Sigmund Freud will be examined and offered to explain characteristic of personality. Three of Freud’s defense mechanisms will be presented along with real-life examples to illustrate each of these mechanisms. One of the five factors in the Big Five factor theory will be presented and used to describe this student and why this student believes this to be the best fit. Finally, the approach, psychoanalytic or trait, will be shown in relation to which best suits this student. Comparison and Contrast

In order to compare or contrast these two approaches, first, there must be a definition of each approach. “The psychoanalytic approach understands us from the point of view of our unconscious and early childhood experiences.” (Keegan, 2010, para.1) “The trait approach to personality suggests that individuals personality are composed of broad dispositions.” (Kassin, 2003, para.5) The definition of each approach alone states the obvious differences in each approach. The psychoanalytic approach seeks to explain personality via expansion of behaviors based on an...
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