Topics: Psychology, Group dynamics, Social psychology Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Yellow’s Path: An Upsetting Defeat

The Sports Fest is one of the most anticipated events by the students, particularly those who are taking up classes in Psychology this summer. In my own view, this activity held a couple of weeks ago is a successful yet tiring event (although not for us Yellow team :P). Seriously, this activity helped me to interact with other people and to my classmates as well. It also promotes awareness to one’s attitude in a competitive setting. Also, there are certain social psychology concepts that I have observed throughout the activity such as the persuasion of our charming professor by means of giving us an incentive, and the behavior of our group towards our goal of winning and making it to the top. Furthermore, I would also like to have an evaluation regarding our group leader, who spearheaded us in this said event. The evaluation will mainly focus on the effect of his leadership or influence to our team. As a popular saying goes, “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” Without a doubt, the proverb tries to highlight the fact that each and every one of us is capable of winning and the true losers are only those who give up easily. From the very beginning, I saw an all-out effort to some of my Psychology classmates, most especially Frank Ramos who did his best in order to protect the queen in the Hunters and Gatherers game. Honestly, he brought a lot of impact to me, and his attitude (Frank’s response to the crucial situation) was quite infectious that it kept me positive throughout the Sports Fest. By mere observing Frank’s determination, I also learned to be more determined in playing the next time which became a very important game for us because of the upsetting lost from the previous game (vicarious conditioning). I think this is also where conformity was presented, in which I matched Frank’s attitude from the previous game which gave me a boost in playing the relay game.

In terms...
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