Psychoactive Substances

Topics: Psychoactive drug, Recreational drug use, Cannabis Pages: 5 (1665 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The Unconscious Role-Model Influencing Society
Written By: Cody Hackett

Whenever people hear the word “psychoactive drug”, one may wonder, what exactly is a psychoactive drug? A psychoactive drug is one that acts primarily upon the human bodies’ central nervous system where it alters the brain’s function; resulting in temporary changes of human behavior, perception, and lastly, a persons’ consciousness and mood (ScienceDaily). Depending on which kind of psychoactive drug a person chooses to ingest, and why they choose to ingest that certain drug, there may be a swing in beliefs determining whether or not the action of a person taking a psychoactive drug is ethical or not; depending on which drug it may be that the user is using. During the course of this paper, I will be expressing to you my knowledge and insight regarding the topic of psychoactive substances, along with why our modern society decides to use and abuse certain types of drugs. The core topics that will be discussed in the paper are: how drug use within a family can affect the family dynamics and the overall function of a family, how drugs affect a persons’ quality of work at school and their workplace, and lastly, the issues of smoking marijuana and how it can affect our mental state of mind.

If someone were to ask a parent what their most general fear is for their child growing up, one may say that they are feared for their child getting wrapped up in drugs, and that drugs would take them downhill. Parents play a huge role in determining that factor when they raise children of their own. Children look up to their mothers and fathers as role models and they seek advice from their parents growing up as a child. The point I’m trying to get at is that parents need to make sure they give their best effort while raising their child. A child’s life can be ruined if they are exposed to drug behavior growing up in a household. If, somehow, a child does develop a habit and dependence to a certain type of psychoactive drug, it can potentially destroy a family slowly and bring down the whole family crew if not taken care of appropriately. Not only should it be the parent’s job to be a good role model for their children, but in the case that their child does develop a dependency for a particular drug, a parent also needs to be able to prevent those situations and to be aware of when their child is not acting normally like he/she usually is. Little do people know, it’s not just the child’s life that is in jeopardy when becoming newly dependent for a drug, but it also negatively affects a family’s dynamics and the way families’ function in their household. According to Marina Barnard from Glasgow University and her 65 interviews conducted (regarding drug use within a family), the common effects drug use had within a family was great stress, conflict, and high anxiety when trying to protect a child from continuing the new drug of choice, and lastly, it creates an imbalance of attention towards the other family members because the parents are trying to fix their child instead of spending the quality family time with the others (Marina Barnard, April 26th 2005). Another problem Marina mentioned was that families with drug users in them typically had more theft occurring in the household. As most families don’t know how to fix such a corrupt family with a serious problem; most try to fix it themselves by having a “sit down talk” with their child. In reality, that may not be the best solution because in the child’s eyes, their parent isn’t credible enough to take their word for granted. Therefore, I suggest families to seek immediate external resources to assist with the family issue instead of just trying to handle it on their own because if the problem isn’t addressed and fixed correctly, you will see your child start to go downhill as he or she continues their drug behavior.

The second topic relating to a person’s choice of using psychoactive drugs is how it may...
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