Psycho Original and Remake

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  • Published : May 16, 2008
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The original Psycho film (1960), and the remake (1998), have a considerable amount of similarities and differences. Also discussed will be the improvements and deficiencies between each film. Key factors like the plot, theme, and genre will also be addressed. The 1960 original was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and was filmed in black and white, whereas the 1998 version was directed by Gus Van Sant. The remake was remade shot-by-shot, but with a different cast members. Norman Bates, which was the psychopath hotel owner, was played by Anthony Perkins. The most recent version of the film was played by Vince Vaughn. One noticeable similarity in each film was the director in the 1998 film tried keeping everything as close to the original as possible when it came to the wardrobe. Driving scenes are pretty similar as well as Sant tried to use the moving road background. It spins a well-known tale of how the person living next door, in the next room, or down the road just might not be all they seem on the outside. Psycho first came into the world as a book in 1958. It would become Robert Bloch’s signature piece. It told the story of a young woman named Mary Crane who stole money from work and tried to marry the man of her dreams. It also told her death by a man named Norman Bates, quiet and shy hotel proprietor. The novel appealed to the public not only because of the suspense and horror of the story, but because the reader could easily identify with the characters. Mary-simply because everyone wants the American dream and will go to unreal lengths to achieve it at times. Norman-because everyone has had to live up to a parent’s expectations and fallen short at one time or another. In these characters, we find a sense of loneliness and desperation. Shortly after the release and immediate success of the novel, Psycho, the master of film horror decided to introduce the book to the big screen. Alfred Hitchcock made Psycho into an instant horror classic in 1960. With an...
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