Psycho Dynamic Theories

Topics: Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Psychodynamics, Psychology Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Psychodynamic Theory: "Fathers Influence on Children’s Development" Jeff Santiago
California State University, Fresno
Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Multi-Systems Approach Social Work 212
Dr. Kris Clarke
October 15, 2012

Psychodynamic Theory: "Fathers Influence on Children’s Development"

Psychodynamic Theory
Understanding the significance of the father’s role and their influences on children’s development has been at the forefront of empirical research over the last ten years. Numerous studies have enriched empirical literature regarding the father’s influence on children’s development. Theorists have reestablished the conceptual framework in outlining the significance to elicit father’s influence on children’s development (Zacker, 1978). In this paper I will examine the Psychodynamic theory and show the relevance, and applicability to Father’s role in child development. (Kriston, Holzel, & Harter, 2009) indicated that long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy (LTPP) is more effective than shorter forms of psychotherapy. Therefore, conceptualizing the framework of the psychodynamic theory and the impact it has on the father’s role on child development is critical in understanding its relevance. The review of theory is followed by discussion and the direct correlation to father’s role on child development. Historically, there has been limited empirical research on psychodynamic theory. Psychodynamic outcome research is underrepresented in the empirical literature and much of psychodynamic research is process-oriented rather than outcome-oriented (Brandell, 2005). The psychodynamic theory can be challenging to conceptualize, due to its dual implications. (Brandell, 2005) states that psychodynamic models are complex to evaluate, in part because they are concerned with meaning as well as behavior change, and consequently psychodynamic practice has become less well understood and less often practiced. However, understanding...
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