Psychlogical Barrier to Communication

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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Psychological Barriers to Communication

Communication is an extremely complex process and is , therefore , rarerly perfect. The imperfection take place in the form of loss of meaning , and are known as noise or distortion. The communication blocks occur due to three types of barriers: psychological , physical, and semantic.

1: Semantic Barriers
Words, of course, are symbols, and therefore limited because they cannot have precisely the same meaning for everyone . since the words can mean different things, their different meanings may block communication. The study of words choice is called semantic, so the kind of blocks that arise from word choice are called semantic blocks.

2: Physical Barriers
Physical barriers are caused by such factors as the communicators physical appearance and that of the audience, physical aspect of the written medium, noise of all types, breakdown of the electronic or other media, the style, tone and pitch of your spoken or written language, and the degree of communication skills of both the communicator and the audience.

3: Psychological barriers
Psychlogical barriers to communication include people s emotions perceptions, and selectivity.

* Emotional
One possible psychological block is emotional. The emotional status of communicator as well as the audience affects communication. Example
A person might be emotionally blocked if he is announcing a new policy and he know that will be unpopular , giving the first presentation on our job, or writing to someone he dislike. Yhe people with whom he is communicating are also subject to emotional blocks. They may feel indifferent or hostile toward him or his subject or be biased against him (perhaps because of his youth , sex, race , relatives , friends , or even clothes) or against his subject .

* Perceptual
Even if there are no emotional blocks, every person perceives things differently. Although we all live in the same objective in the world,...
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