Psychic Abilities

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Psychic Abilities Are Real
Michael Tollis
English 8
Mrs. Rodgers
May 11, 2012

“A course in miracles claims that the mind has abilities far beyond what our modern world deems possible” (2012, circle of a, Mackie). There are stories that there are sightings of people using psychic abilities. There are also people who swear that they have seen psychic abilities. However, some might say that those people who swear by it, must be watching too much T.V if they say they have seen it. Psychics could be real or they could be fake and who knows whether they are being realistic about it or not. There are no such things or people like “Sam Winchester”, a star character from the Supernatural series that’s on the television late at night. Sam Winchester has psychic abilities though he uses them to help other people and kill demonic things like demons and the devil. There are no reasons not to believe that being psychic is real. In our world, never knowing the facts about scientific discoveries that may have occurred about real psychic sightings of people of people with psychic abilities, though they don’t even knowing they’re using their own psychic abilities has probably happened. It is best when holders of psychic abilities get help from a scientist or a doctor because they can help the person control them or get rid of the abilities for good or can just harnesses the abilities. Psychic people can pass on their genetic genes to their offspring and their kids can become psychics and never knowing why their kids are different compared to other kids and being supernatural while being able to do more extraordinary stuff like levitating, moving things with their mind or even tapping into other people’s emotions. It is very rare to find someone with psychic abilities because there is never knowing who might have psychic abilities. However, there are also people that call them “psychics” who just pretend to tell the...
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