Psychiatric Institution vs. Prison Institution

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  • Published : September 12, 2008
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Good afternoon students and teacher. Today I am here to talk to you about the experiences viewed of 2 texts about institutions. From these texts I will express my views on two different institutions, Milos Foreman’s one flew over the cuckoo’s nest a physic iatric institution and Frank Darabont’s the green mile a prison institution.

My understanding of an institution is an organization that is open to the public for help such as public schools, prison institutions and metal institutions.

Milos Freeman uses the character Randle Patrick McMurphy to effectively view the experience of the institution. Randle was sent there to the institution from the work farm because of his insane behaviour.

The techniques used in this film emphasis the experience of the institution.

When McMurphy walks into the ward for the first time the camera pans around the room this technique shows that everything is dull and simple. The walls are white and the patients are dressed plainly in white gowns. While the camera is panning you notice barred doors and windows. This indicated that the patients may be unstable. Some beds also have leather straps to hold down patients.

The nurses in particular Nurse Ratched have a calm, straight faced and persistent attitude. This is their way of manipulating the patients. One particular incident occurs in one of the group counselling meetings. She asks one of the patients to talk about his relationship with his wife and why he doesn’t trust here anymore. He isn’t comfortable talking about it but nurse Ratched persistently asks him in a calm domineering way.

The close up camera view on the record player when it begins playing and the voice over “Medication Time, medication time “symbolises the continuous boring routine the ward undergoes.

The treatments given to the patients are claimed to help. Incidents in the film when patients are taken away for shock therapy the patients refuse to go, “no I won’t go, no!”. McMurphy was one...
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