Psych2012 Defense Mechanisms

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Defense Mechanisms
Crystal Bare
College of Central Florida PSY 2012 Section 78

Defense Mechanisms
Defense mechanisms are ways we protect ourselves from feelings or things that we do not want to deal with. They tend to be a way to cope with a situation from which an individual feels anxiety or stress. They often appear unconsciously and tend to distort or falsify reality. Most people do not realize they are using a defense mechanism due to this reason. (McLeod, Saul, 2008) There are many different defense mechanisms, the main ones are: repression (pushing uncomfortable thoughts into the subconscious), projection (relating bad feelings to other people), displacement (redirecting emotions to a substitute source), sublimation (redirecting wrong feelings or urges into socially acceptable ones), denial (believing that the truth to be actually false), regression (revert to acting like a child), rationalization (someone creating false justifications for actions) , and reaction formation (acting the opposite of what one is feeling). (Feldman, 2009) Out of these defense mechanisms I have found that I use two of them. The first one I use is regression, I give people the silent treatment if I am angry with them or hurt by them. An example would be, If my husband has said something that hurt my feelings then I will do this is because I am afraid if I speak to him after he made me angry or hurt, then I might regret what I say to him. I was raised if you do not have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all. Words sometimes can hurt more than physical contact so I am consciously aware to watch what I say. I do not use this defense mechanism as much as I do the next one but it is affective. As it does keep me from regretting something I said later. The second defense mechanism that I find myself using is displacement with a little help from regression, and not in a bad way like taking my anger out on my dog. I use this...
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