Psych Unit 7

Topics: Brain, Magnetic resonance imaging, Bipolar disorder Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Unit 7 Assignment, Depression

Thomas Miller

Kaplan University

PS 124

Unit 7 Assignment, Depression
Depression appears to be a chemical imbalance in the mammalian brain, the cause of that imbalance is as varied as the number of mammals on the planet (Stangor, 2010). Whether that imbalance is reduced serotonin causing a subdued emotional state or increased glutamate or dopamine causing the subdued emotional state seems to be governed by the event that preceded the depressed state. Depressions affects up to 5% -8% of the population. Left untreated depression can lead to suicide or some other destructive behavior. The depressive state can last several months and may only be improved by suitable treatment (Werner & Coveñas, 2010). Treatment usually involves one type of drug or another depending on the chemical imbalance involved. Brian chemistry of the “mood center” appears to be the only commonly affected area of the brain (Werner & Coveñas, 2010). The “mood center” thought to be in the middle portion of the brain becomes imbalanced chemically as a result of some external stimuli. “Serotonergic and noradrenergic neurons show hypoactivity as a consequence of transporter gene polymorphisms” (Werner & Coveñas, 2010). Some of the symptoms of depression may be unpleasant emotional experiences of sadness, loss of energy and interest, and mood swings. It may also interfere with the individuals life through behavioral changes, mood, activity and physical health as well as early awakening and improved mood in the evening (Werner & Coveñas, 2010). When viewing images of one’s mother, the fMRI may help to diagnose depression. Viewing the brains reaction to these images using Functional magnetic resonance imaging may assist in determining the depressive state. “Functional magnetic resonance imaging using personalized paradigms has the potential to provide objective assessments, even when behavioral measures are not informative. Further,...
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