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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Anschutz, D, Strein, T & Engels, R(2011). Exposure to slim images in mass media: television commercials as
reminders of restriction in restrained eaters. Psychology
of Popular Media Culture, 1(S), 48-59. DOI:

Many of the images shown in the media portray unrealistic images of unnaturally skinny and unhealthy women, which can negatively affect the way teenagers view themselves. In the article, “Exposure to Slim Images in Mass Media: Television Commercials as Reminders of Restriction in Restrained Eaters,” a study was done consisting of female students who were asked to observe a movie interrupted randomly by two different types of commercials. The students were observed to see if the commercials had an affect on their eating habits. The study consisted of 124 female students that were recruited from Radboud University Nijmegen. The students’ average age was 21.8 with a mean BMI of 23.3. Six of the participants were excluded from the survey because of sickness, anorexia, diabetes, physical disability, and one girl brought her own food. Each student viewed a neutral or sad movie that was interrupted by slim model and diet product ads or neutral commercials. All participants were given food to eat during the movie. The students then wrote down how many ads they remembered in order for the experimenters to determine their recall score and filled out a questionnaire about how the ads made them feel. They also filled out the Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire that determines individuals eating styles. The main results from this study showed that restrained eaters who viewed the slim model ads ate less during the movie as opposed to the less restrained eaters who actually ate more after viewing these ads. However, when the restrained eaters watched neutral commercials they ate more than those that were classified as less restrained eaters. The mood of the movie, sad versus neutral, had no affect on the eating habits of the...
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