Psych Quiz #2

Topics: Neuron, Nervous system, Human brain Pages: 6 (1187 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1. (Points: 4)  |
 | The branch of psychology that is focused on understanding the internal physical events and processes that correspond with our experiences and behavior is called:1. biological psychology.2. cognitive physiology.3. forensic psychology.4. clinical psychology.|  | Save Answer |

2. (Points: 4)  |
 | Neurons are:1. highly specialized cells that produce myelin.2. highly specialized cells that receive and transmit information from one area of the body to another.3. found only in the spinal cord and bone marrow.4. found in primates and humans, but not in other animals.|  | Save Answer |

3. (Points: 4)  |
 | Multiple sclerosis is a disease that involves:1. the degeneration of the myelin sheath, slowing or interrupting the transmission of neural messages.2. an abnormal increase in the thickness of the myelin sheath, blocking the release of neurotransmitters.3. dendrites becoming brittle and breaking.4. the gradual decline in the ability of neurons to produce neurotransmitters.|  | Save Answer |

4. (Points: 4)  |
 | As a general rule, communication within a neuron progresses from:1. the dendrites to the cell body to the axon.2. the axon to the dendrites to the cell body.3. the dendrites to the axon to the axon terminals and then to the cell body.4. the cell body to the axon to the nucleus.|  | Save Answer |

5. (Points: 4)  |
 | The point of communication between two neurons is called the:1. synapse.2. ion channel.3. nucleus.4. node of Ranvier.|  | Save Answer |
6. (Points: 4)  |
 | The most common form of communication between neurons is:1. electrical-chemical2. atomic.3. magnetic4. hormonal|  | Save Answer |
7. (Points: 4)  |
 | Which of the following best defines a neurotransmitter?1. an electrical impulse that crosses the synaptic gap between neurons2. a chemical messenger that crosses the synaptic gap between neurons3. a chemical communicator manufactured by glial cells4. a microscopic channel through which sodium and potassium ions pass|  | Save Answer |

8. (Points: 4)  |
 | Acetylcholine is:1. manufactured by glial cells.2. dramatically decreased in the brains of people with Parkinson's disease.3. involved in movement and memory.4. found in sensory neurons but not motor neurons.|  | Save Answer |

9. (Points: 4)  |
 | Too little dopamine in the brain is associated with symptoms of:1. Alzheimer's disease.2. Parkinson's disease.3. anxiety.4. schizophrenia.|  | Save Answer |
10. (Points: 4)  |
 | Former heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali suffers from symptoms that are very similar to Parkinson's disease. He sometimes experiences muscle tremors and has difficulty initiating movements or speech. To help reduce these symptoms, Ali takes a drug called:1. morphine.2. atropine.3. naloxone.4. L-dopa.|  | Save Answer |

11. (Points: 4)  |
 | Over the course of several months and for no apparent reason, Jennifer became progressively more despondent, withdrawn, and listless. Her doctor accurately diagnosed the problem as major depression and started Jennifer on an antidepressant drug called Prozac. Three weeks later, Jennifer was much improved. Like some other antidepressant drugs, Prozac works by _____ the availability of _____ in the brain.1. decreasing; dopamine2. increasing; endorphins3. increasing; serotonin4. decreasing; acetylcholine|  | Save Answer |

12. (Points: 4)  |
 | Which of the following drugs is chemically similar to the endorphins?1. botox2. curare3. L-dopa4. morphine|  | Save Answer |
13. (Points: 4)  |
 | The term endorphin is actually a combination of the words _____ and _____.1. endocrine; norepinephrine2. endogenous; morphine3. endocrine; dopamine4. endogenous; pheromone|  | Save Answer |

14. (Points: 4)  |
 | The rush of euphoria that many people experience after sustained exercise,...
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