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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Psychology Coursework

The aim of the investigation is to see whether or not people remember words better depending on the type of processing they undergo. Processing is a theory in which we can attempt to explain how memory works; it is an expansion of the multi-store model of memory created by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968). The processing approach suggest that memory is not in stores and attempts to make memory appear more complex, so to say the multi-store model was too reductionist. According to Craik and Lockhart (1972) there are different types of processing which vary through shallow to deep (shallow processing are things you take in, but do not necessarily remember, while deep processing are much more likely to be remembered). These can then be broken down into visual (shallow), acoustic (moderate) and semantic (deep) processing. It is therefore thought that visual items are most difficult to remember and semantic items are the easiest to remember. This investigation should show whether or not this concept is true by finding out whether semantic processing is more effective than visual processing. There are several studies which look into different types of processing. One such study was undertaken by Marzi and Viggiano (2010) who looked into shallow vs. deep processing in a more modern study. Marzi and Viggiano got two groups of participants and gave them sets of pictures of people. One group was only given the pictures, while the other group were given pictures, but the people were given an occupation e.g. doctor. The participants were later asked to describe the pictures they had seen. The group who had been given the pictures and the occupation of the individual were significantly more likely to remember what they looked like. It was concluded that this was because by attaching an occupation to the person it made the participant process it deeper, meaning that when it came to recall they generally performed better. It was shown...
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