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Checkpoint Research Proposal

Checkpoint Research Proposal

Marketing research or sports marketing research is the systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting information to enhance decision making throughout the strategic sports marketing process. The sport marketing research process is as follow: 1. Defining the problem or opportunity

2. Choosing the research design type
3. Identifying data collection methods
4. Designing data collection forms
5. Designing the sample
6. Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting
7. Preparing the research report
The first and most important step that I would do first if I was someone who was are interested in purchasing a new minor league baseball franchise would be to define the problem or opportunity. Problem definition requires the researcher to specify what information is needed to assist in either solving problems or identifying opportunities by developing a research problem statement. I would do this by calling a meeting to gather the sport marketing firm and his or her client. In this meeting the researcher would attempt to collect as much information as possible to better understand the need for research. It is in this meeting that the researcher will have collected the proper information to develop a set of research objectives. Research objectives describe the various types of information needed to address the problem or opportunity. Each specific objective will provide direction or focus for the rest of the study. The research objectives on whether or not the purchasing a new minor league baseball franchise that will be located in my area would work or not would be: * Rank the most popular minor sports out there.

* Determine the current level of satisfaction and any problems associated with minor league baseball teams. * Determine the types of minor league sports most liked in the area. * Define the degree level of who would attend the minor league games.

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