Psyc 305 – Motivation and Leadership

Topics: Management, English-language films, Leadership Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Answer the following questions: Which type of power do you find most effective? Which type of power do you think you have? Do you use it? If so, in what situations? How could you improve your leadership and management skills now that you have a better understanding of the types of power and how they are applied? Remember; always add the 'whys' with the 'what’s'.

The type of power I find more effective is Reward, Referent and Legitimate. In my experience in any of my supervising, team lead or managing position I always found rewarding, referent and legitimate to most effective. Showing authority and giving someone praise and letting them know that the work they have done so far has earn them trust to be one of the best to handle a task always got me better result. Whenever I had a specific employee that I trust to get a certain task done in a certain amount of time or simply work on a day off I would tell them how much I appreciate their work and depending on the circumstances offer them next day time of or keep the hours for over time and the outcome was always good. I possess Reward and Referent power. I have used it many cases at different jobs and they always been effective. I have a three student workers in my department I supervise. One have excellent telephone ethics but is often late, one that imagine documents that’s not motivate to learning very much else in the office, and one that do both and do not mind working extra hours, very prompt and also have hope to become and employee of the company once she graduate. I have several meeting on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and I schedule the student worker that’s good in both areas to work on those days. I asked her to oversee the other because of her willingness, promptness, and her thoroughness. I told her to keep up the good work because it will look excellent on her resume and I’ll give her a very good reference to help her come aboard with the company because the company is looks for...
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