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Marketing Communication Memorandum

Marketing Communications Memorandum
To: Management Team of Couture
Date: January 18, 2013
Subject: Developing New Marketing Communication
I first want to thank all members of Management on your contributions for your help with the success this store has seen. You all have played crucial roles in the accomplishment of celebrating 10 years in business. Happy 10th Anniversary to Couture! In our first seven years of business we focused on dressing and catering to high end women’s fashion for women 60 and older. In the last three years we have added fashions that cater to women 40 and older. I think it’s time to expand this store even more! As we all know in the last few years the economy as a whole has been struggling and we have seen that here in this store as well. There are going to be a few changes and improvements made that I think will help boost business. We are going to expand our store to cater to women 20 and older, we will be getting the name of this store known through social media, start a monthly email with deals and sales, and start marketing our store better. When we took the store from 60 and older to 40 and older we saw a 13% increase at the end of that year. This last year there was a 20% decline in sales and I’m sure that is due to the economy but I would to see if expanding our market will help give us the little extra something that we need. A good percent of the women that come down to Miami on vacation are in the 20-40 age group and I think it would be silly not to cater to them as well. Social media is a growing resource for marketing in today’s world. I’m looking for a member of this management team that could help get our name known through the popular social media outlets. Maybe create a fan page on Facebook and an account on Twitter, doing this and advertising when sales are happening could really help to boost business. If someone who is part of our management team would...
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