Psy270 - Week 4 - Checkpoint - Clinical Interview Questions

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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1. Learning is usually a challenge for most, what learning technique and approach works the best for you? 2. There are many different roles in life, usually there is a more dominant position people fit best in. Your strongest strengths would get you farther if you were more of a soldier or a leader? 3. When life becomes stressful and negative events unfold, is there anything that usually helps the situation? Such as eating something, thinking of good thoughts, or talking to someone special? 4. For your daily life, are generally satisfied with how your life is today? 5. Is there a lack of people in your life? Is there anyone particular? 6. How would you describe your family and friend relationships with how you grew up and how you were raised? How would you describe them currently? 7. If you were to look at yourself and the life you have lived so far, would you say you are and have been at least 50% positive about life and the choices you have made? 8. Do you feel there is anyone who controlled your life at any point in time? Do you blame anyone for any event? Do you have any regrets about the choices you have made? 9. Regardless of how much time people have been alive for, people still remember things about their life. What would you say is the best memory you have framed in your mind? What is the worst memory that you would like to forget? 10. Some people accept memories because the override the old with the new. Other people accept memories because they talk about them comfortably. 11. If you could change a characteristic, an ability, an achieved long-term goal, and a lifestyle feature about your life dealing with one of each what would they be?
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