Psy-Gangnam Style

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The term intervention refers to all the planned programmatic activities aimed at bringing changes in an organization. These changes are intended to ensure improvement in the functioning of the organization- in its efficiencies and effectiveness. The changes are brought through the employees in the organization while consultants facilitate the change process. Any OD intervention, therefore, involves close interaction between the consultants and the client organization. Intervention basically refers to an intended activity to bring change in the organization and the consequent activities within the organization.

The intervention can be brought by an external consultant who acts in consultation with the client members. A member with in the organization, acting as the in-house consultant can also make the intervention. The organization itself could plan the intervention without employing either an internal or external consultant. Where a consultant is employed, any intervention is a collaborative activity between the client and the consultant.

An intervention can take place at the task, process, and system levels and their interface or at any hierarchy levels of an organization.

For example it can be at a task level as to how a decision is made or at the level of a series of tasks to improve their interconnectivity, to identify an underlying problem or at a team level to create a better synergy at work. The intervention can also relate to the whole organization as to how to achieve better vertical integration /horizontal integration among all the different levels.

Organizations need to basically analyse where, how, when what etc. , to carryout an intervention to improve their performance, which in other words, refer to ‘intervention strategy’.

Interventions are carried to improve an organization from its current position to a desired position and to achieve the desired change a number of techniques are used.

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