Psy 435 Wk5

Topics: Employment, Management, Problem solving Pages: 7 (2367 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Brianna Smith
Psy 435
November 12, 2011
Dr. Simone Senhouse

Abstract: This paper discusses common problems that managers often face when dealing with employees, as well as the the solutions that the manager(s) attempt to utilize to solve theese problems. This paper discusses the authors in depth Interview with the manager (Brandon Skwirsk) of a local footlocker store. This paper explores the managerial problems Brandon faces on a regular basis with his employees. This paper lists and explains in details the problems and ways Brandon handles problems related to employee recruitment, motivation, training, employee attitudes, feedback, incentives, and managing conflict between employees with employees, and employees and management. This paper also explores Brandon's two biggest managerial challenges he faces within the store and how he attempts to resolve these issues; theft and tardiness/immaturity among employees. Lastly the paper discusses problem solving styles from an I/O psychology perspective with the use of scholarly resources.

The interview with Footlocker Manager Brandon Skwirsk proved to be very eye-opening to some of the problems that can arise when one is in a management position. During the interview it became quite apparent that managing a shoe store was both equal parts business skills and interpersonal skills. The interview mainly focused on Brandon's style of recruiting, selecting, training, and motivating employees,however the author and Brandon also discussed he dealt with employee attitudes, managed conflict, gave constructive feedback, and how he creates incentives for employees. Out of all the topics discussed within the interview, Brandon pinpointed his two biggest problems as a manager of employees to be; 1) Theft from employees/customers, and 2) unprofessionalism and tardiness among primarily the younger employees at footlocker. The author and Brandon also explored the ways in which Brandon tried to resolve these two big issues and the success rate of each. This paper includes various knowledge sources of the I/O psychological perspective to discuss Brandon's managerial styles, as well as the issues he faces with his employees. Interview summary

The authors interview with Brandon Skwirsk, the manager of a local footlocker touched base on his managerial skills, his process of hiring employees, and his ability/style to pinpoint problems with employees and resolve them in a professional manner. Brandon is a very laid back type of person, but seriously knows his business, as well as the people he hires, however just as other managers have difficulties with their employees, Brandon has his fair share of challenges also. The author found Brandon to be very easy to talk with, and realized he had great people skills which must show through with his interaction with employees and customers alike. From a general standpoint (appendix A1), Brandon described he is just like any other manager running a store with young adults for employees and sometimes has problems with disrepect and abuse of the employee discount as they try to give it out to their friends etc...(Skwirsk, 2012). The author then directed the focus of the interview to Brandon's recruitment style for his business (Appendix A2). Brandon described how he actively engaged customers (regulars) who came into the store and asked if they would be interested in working their. On top of this very personal style of recruitment he worked off employee referrals, as well as having a “Now Hiring” sign in the window of the store, and various signs around the mall (Skwirsk, 2012). When asked how Brandon selects his employees (Appendix A3), Brandon described in detail how he performed several rounds of interviews to determine whether the person was a good fit. Upon the first interview Brandon would get a feel for the person, their communication skills, and would also go through the interviewee's resume and ask...
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