Psy 320 Job Redesign Written Assignment

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Job Redesign Written Assignment

Up to this point in this course we have addressed motivation as it relates to people. However, we can also look at the work a person does – the job, and tasks in that job – to determine if there are changes we can make that would make the job more interesting, more gratifying, and more motivational to the person performing the tasks of the job.

In this assignment you are going to evaluate a current job or previous job (your own?) and the major tasks (at least 5) that make up the job. Once you identify the tasks in the job, you will work with the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) that I will post in week four, to redesign the tasks/responsibilities of the job, with the intent of making the job more motivational for the person doing it. Note: you will not have success with this assignment if you do not identify specific tasks (see job description) and if you do not read and understand the Job Characteristics Model (JCM). Please note also, that you are focusing only on the tasks that make up the job, not the person doing the job, or the supervisor or the organization. Focus only on the tasks that make up the job.

Do the following:

a. Read the post: The Job Characteristics Model (JCM)
b. Identify at least five of the current major components/tasks/responsibilities of the selected position. You might get these from the job description. c. Using the five core job dimensions discussed in the JCM, analyze the job you identified in letter “b” above to determine which of the tasks of the job score low or lowest on one or more of the five core dimensions: skill variety; task identity; task significance; autonomy; feedback. Use the Motivating Potential Score (MPS) to help you make this determination. d. Explain what specifically could be done to raise the MPS for the tasks that you identified in letter “d” above. For example, if autonomy scored low, you could simply state that “providing for a more empowering work...
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