Psy 300 Learning Team Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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Learning Team "A" - Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Paper

PSY 300
January 16, 2012

Learning Team "A" - Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Paper
In today’s hectic lifestyle, occasionally life may not always happen as we expect it to happen. Individuals may act differently when situations become tense, people become stressed out, and mental issues may occur. Does everyone respond exactly the same as others would in society? Occasionally, an individual’s reaction may be out of the ordinary, according to an established list of norms. Psychology attempts to assist individuals in time of need to understand normal and abnormal behavior. The varying schools of thought shed light on a definition of psychology, where origins may begin, and the treatment approach that may be the best alternative for the individual. This paper will compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology, explain two mental disorders and two mental illnesses of psychology, and discuss therapy options for the treatment of mental disorders. Compare and Contrast Normal and Abnormal Psychology

The New World Encyclopedia (2010) states that abnormal psychology is the medical approach that studies the causes of a mental disorder (emotional disturbance, maladjustment, mental illness, psychopathology) with symptoms of distress, deviance, and the attempt of injury to others or self. Abnormal psychology will study possible causes and find treatment options. Although, society must decide which behaviors may constitute normal or abnormal behavior. Culture can impact the expectations of these established norms for society because what is normal in American culture may be extreme for individuals in other areas of the world. Mental health is also called normal psychology and issues of mental illness or disorders are called abnormal psychology. Kowalski and Westen (2009) states that a person displaying normal behaviors with adequate mental processes will have the capability to accept and use coping skills...
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