Psy/285 Final Week 9

Topics: Locus of control, Meaning of life, Motivation Pages: 4 (1707 words) Published: November 22, 2012

Elizabeth Davis

November 11, 2012

Bettye Griffin

I am well rounded, independent, and unique. I believe that being well rounded means that you are not just one way or another. It means you have a little bit of every thing. I think that independent means for a person to be out on their own in life. It means to be able to take care of them selves in life, along with other people. I am independent not interdependent. I do not rely on others for any thing. Meaning I do not get help with bills, money, school, child, car, or any other aspect in life. Interdependent means you get help from others or depend on other to do things for you. I think that self serving bias is some thing that every one has to some degree or another. I think that it is a bias opinion that enhances or widens your ego or self esteem. For me I am self bias towards my self in the fact that I am a very vain person. I believe I am very attractive meaning my self esteem is great about how I look when others are around. Locus of control theory is where people believe that they can control events that can affect them. External locus of control is a person that believes the whole world is out to get them, luck does exist, and that life is unfair. Internal locus of control is when a person has feelings of being responsible for the outcomes that happen in their lives. I know that confirmation bias is where a person has a tendency to favor information that goes along with their own beliefs. A person does this by gathering or when they remember information by picking out pieces of it. I think then that confirmation bias is some thing that we all do. I know for my self I have selective hearing. With this I pick out what I want to hear from a conversation, perceive it, and use it how I want to. My experiences that I have had with beliefs generating from their own confirmation have not always ended well. I know that nothing in life will happen...
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