Psy 270 Suicide Quiz

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Question: How does one wish to commit suicide?
Answer: When an invidiual is experiencing serious mood disorder like depression, they will think of suicide as a way of escaping the life that they have. They see it as ending their emotional suffering instantly, and it will make the individual feel like they’re removing one of the causes of pain and suffering for others that are in their lives too. It’s very common for these to be the causes of suicide, you see this often in movies and even real life.


Question: What are the signs for suicide?
Answer: There are many signs to look out for that may indicate that an individual is planning to kill themselves. These signs include making a will, getting their affairs in order, buying certain instruments that may possibly link to suicide such as pills, guns, ropes, hoses, sudden change in mood, writing suicidal notes, or even suddenly visiting friends or family members for the last time. There are more signs to look out for that may indicate suicidal thoughts, but those listed above are the most common signs. Source:

Question: What possible treatment is there for suicidal thoughts and behaviors? Answer: Depending on the individual and serious the situation may be varies. For example, if this individual has a good, responsive and intact family, as well as good friendships and good social support may only need a brief crisis-oriented intervention. As for the individuals who had tried to attempt suicide in the past, or show mental illness, abusing drugs and alcohol, may need psychiatric hospitalization and long-term outpatient mental-health services. Other treatments include talk therapy, antidepressant medications, and having mental-health professionals step in and try to implement a comprehensive outpatient treatment plan. Source:

Question: What causes young adults...
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