Psy 270 - Clinical Assessment

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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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I would perform psychodynamic testing to look for “any unconscious conflicts she may be experiencing” (Chapter 3, page 68). This could help in getting to know what she may have experienced in the past and how to make her feel less traumatized by getting to the root of her personal conflicts.

Chapter 3, page 68, also states that “Behavior and Cognitive assessment methods could help reveal specific dysfunctional behavior and cognitions.” Even though we have been told that she acts out in certain ways, revealing what brings on the dysfunctional behavior will help when it comes time to intervene.

Some factors that should be taken into consideration prior to an effective intervention are that her self-esteem is obviously gone and positive reinforcement is important. She obviously has a problem with other children due to the fact that she has become withdrawn and may not feels as though she belongs or fits in and is unable to make friends due to this. Once her self-esteem can begin to be rebuilt and maybe incorporating other family members children one on one can help her to realize that she is very likable and to just give it a chance. This would be a slow and consistent process. Axis I – Major depressive disorder:

Doesn’t smile
Head held down
Change in eating and sleep patterns

Axis II – Dependent Personality Disorder
She obviously needs people who truly care and love here to let her know she is worthy of it and teach her to like herself.

Axis III – Is there a history of Diabetes that could be causing irregular sleep and eating patterns that need to be addressed in addition to her other needs

Axis IV – Problem related to the social environment (termination of engagement).
She is a very polite 4 year old girl that has obviously experienced some traumatic experiences and the changes can bring on this confusion in which she handles it with these outbursts. Keeping her life consistently structured with routine will help her...
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