Psy 265 Week 5 Assignment

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gender Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality
Shineaka Collins
February 5, 2012
Nicole Pansey

Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality
Historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality may have shaped the way gay individuals perceive themselves because when you research the historical moments depending on your religion it may have been accepted. In ancient Greece it was frequent that men had relationships with young boys. Although the Greeks had their own perspective of male on male relationships the Christians and the Jews had another. The Romans also believed male on male relationships were acceptable; the men were flamboyant and did not hide their homosexuality. The Christians and Jews believed that male on male relations was sin of Sodom. Sodom is the city that God destroyed, even though it was never proven why God destroyed Sodom. I know I was born and raised a in a Christian family, and we were forbidden to believe same sex relationships were acceptable. My family always preached according to The Holy Bible and it explained that God destroyed Sodom because same sex relations were happening there. Also we have cross-cultural perspectives that include the Swans of North Africa; they believed that the younger men should engage in sex with older men. Their own father arranged for them to be with older males, and then when they have reached puberty most of them married women. Last the Sambian people of New Guinea believe that semen boost their young boys strength and virility. Older men insert semen into young boys anally or have them drink it. The Sambians’ believe this will increase manhood. Scientifically researchers believe genes, hormones and brain differences have their own perspective of why people are homosexual. A study on hormones proved there were no differences but in the genes there was a difference. There is evidence that there is brain difference in homosexuals and heterosexuals showing in...
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