Psy/240 Week 4 Checkpoint

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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CheckPoint- Eating --- What, When, and How Much


After reading section 12.3, Factors that Determine What, When, and How Much We Eat, I think that my own personal experiences support these concepts. I would have to say that people do develop learned taste preferences. I know that coming from an Italian family that ever since I can remember that I was a pasta and sauce person. I am use to homemade cooking and really do not eat anything greasy because it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

When it comes to when a person might eat, I think it all depends on how a person was raised. I know for me that during the day breakfast and lunch are at different times because of work. As far as dinner though, everyone knows that I have dinner done by 5:30 during the week and on Sunday I have either spaghetti or lasagna ready by 2 p.m. if they are coming over to eat.

As far as appetizers, I would have to disagree with the “appetizer effect” (Pinel, 2011, p.307). I am the type of person who gets full if I an appetizer before dinner. I think it is because I have always watched what I ate so when I try to eat before appetizers dinner I am full. I would have to agree that when I am eating with others I do consume more food than normal at dinner. I am a light eater and I have a tendency of eating more when people are around because I get sick of people telling me that I eat like a bird.

Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). Biopsychology (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson
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