Psy 240 Check Point Week One

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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The issue behind the development of human behavior lies on two different points of view. The sociological or pro-nurture and the physiological or pro-nature explanation behind human development. Pro-nature argue that humans behave seems to be influenced by generic make-up, inherited from the biological parents. Therefore, this theory proposed that the differences on people behaviors are linked to each one’s unique genetic code. Furthermore, humans develop their behavioral capacities throughout a learning process that begins when born and will last a life time growing and maturing. On the other hand, the pro-nurture theory believes that the environment inputs along with life experiences are accounted for the development of human behavior. When it comes to measuring the development of differences among individuals, it is appropriate to separate the contribution of genetics and experiences, because each 
generic make-up is unique. At the same time, individuals are raised in many different 
ways, which causes that each individual’s values and beliefs are also a unique contributions to their development.                                    I believe that it is flawed to ask how much of a particular behavior is due to genetics and how much to experiences, because it is a rigid explanation that tries to attribute a particular proportion to each part. The key point is to recognize the complex collaboration of  both nature and nurture;  the  environment inputs along with the genetic code play and important role on human development. As a result, each person develops different types of personalities.  Besides, scientists, still have many types of challenges ahead behind human nature. “Human nature is a vexing issue: some argue that we are born as blank slates and our 
natures are defined by upbringing, experience, culture and the ideas of our time. Others 
believe that human nature is innate and pre-destined, regardless of time and place...
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