Psy/230 Personal Narrative - Final (Female Perspective)

Topics: Meaning of life, Trait theory, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Personal Narrative

My meaning in life is my intention in life. I often wondered about the meaning of my life more than anything else, from my earliest childhood memories. As children, we do not fully understand what our aim is however, we cognize that our being alive alone gives us meaning. Different aspects of my life became an adventure when I became a young adult exploring. Was not until I was of age where responsibility was mine alone that I began to put meaning, and purpose together. Nothing tends to resonate until such a time in one's life.

Surely being a mature adult, in mind, at present asserts me towards looking to advance to a level more receptive to what surely should come my way -middle and old age! Middle and old age brings about thoughts of the experiences in which we have encountered, and wisdom would be a sure manifestation of such a stage in one's life; as noted in Erikson's stages of life. I look forward to what else my life shall entail, as it has over the years; especially in the last five.

The last five years of my life has been encountered with considerable amounts of good experiences and devastating events. When one comes to the point of losing everything including their own life, a meaning in life comes without an exception! I would like to think that people understand what aim in life means. I will not be quick to judge how a person sees what aim in life means. Only that those individuals understand that there is an aim for their lives.

Before the devastating events that occurred in my life back in 2005, I was a humble and caring step-mother and wife. After these events, I remained both humble and caring but realized that I had an aim that meant more to others than to self. I had to become an advocate of contentment for all those whom were suffering as I, around me. Learning acquirements in the trait of extroversion, lead me to do so. I became the individual whom explained to those around me just...
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