Psy 230 Erikson and Loevinger’s Stages of Development Quiz

Topics: Developmental psychology, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Individual Pages: 3 (355 words) Published: July 17, 2012
Erikson and Loevinger’s Stages of Development Quiz

Type a brief answer in one or two words directly under the corresponding question. Each question is worth two points.

1. What is the fundamental process of selfhood, according to Loevinger?

People reach a particular stage and then quit moving upward, and different people quit at different stages 2. Which identity status explores identity issues without making commitments?


3. Which assessment test is used to measure Loevinger’s ego stages?

Washington University Sentence Completion Test for Ego Development 4. In which identity status does an individual choose to do exactly what authority figures have suggested or mandated?


5. The capacity to cope adequately with the conflicts of the individualistic level occurs at which stage?

Autonomous, adulthood

6. What aspect of generativity celebrates the infinite expansion of the self and surrender of the self at the same time?

Inner Desire, needs to be needed

7. At which stage of ego development does the ego develop a greater tolerance for the individuality of others and greater awareness of the conflict between heightened individuality and increased emotional dependence?


8. When elderly people reflect upon the past in order to settle accounts, what are they undertaking?

Life review

9. According to Erikson, what is the basic psychosocial issue for the preschool boy or girl? Initiative versus guilt
10. According to Loevinger, the self of early child is locked in what stage?

Impulsive stage

11. In which intimacy status is an individual who has dated but not involved him/herself in a committed love relationship?


12. In which stage does the child move from an egocentric frame of reference to an identification of one’s own welfare with that of a group?

In late childhood and early adolescence, the conformist stage

13. At which of Loevinger’s stages does the...
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