Psy 230 Character Evaluation

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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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Week Four
Assignment: Character Evaluation

In honor of the final movie coming out on July 15th, I chose to evaluate the character of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series. The Big Five traits are: Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. In the following paragraphs I will evaluate the chosen character within these trait categories. First of all, in the category of Extraversion, the main character Harry Potter is an Ambivert. Throughout the course of the movies, he shows himself to be somewhat impulsive and heedless, always landing himself in trouble. These are characteristics of an extrovert. However, he is also a bit of a loner, liked by many but forming deep and intimate friendships with only a few individuals. He is somewhat socially awkward. These are all traits of an introvert. Because he shows traits from both ends of the scale, I would say that Harry falls right into the middle of Extraversion and Introversion, making him an Ambivert. In the trait category of Neuroticism, I would rate Harry Potter as being fairly Neurotic. He is a frequent worrier, showing multiple displays of anxiety, moodiness, and frequently misplaced hostility towards his close friends. Furthermore, he shows excessive emotionality, displaying emotions that are often inappropriate or too extreme for the social settings he finds himself in. According to the text in The Person, “People who score high on this general trait have a tendency to be distressed and upset in many realms of their lives.” This describes the character of Harry Potter in a very specific way. For these reasons, I would label him as being strongly towards the Neurotic end of the scale.

The trait category Openness to Experience measures intellectual interest and aesthetics. In the movies, Harry displays a vivid imagination, though he shows little appreciation for the arts. He also shows an inclination to try new things and shows little fear or...
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