Psy/220 Week 6

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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What does happiness mean to people all over the world? It would depend on the traditions, and the way of thinking. For many happiness may mean being loyal to their country, bringing honor to their home, others might be graduating from high school and going to college, there are many factors to how each one will influence each person. It is important to note that the way happiness is portrayed for example in the United States, other people coming into the country to chase the American Dream including those from the United States. The portrait of the perfect family, the perfect job, and no problems everybody looks happy; this would be a stereotype of what happiness looks like. Studies have shown that when American people were asked what is the upbringing of happiness? Their responses were going to school, finishing college, getting married, and self-success. This would conclude that in American culture, it is more self- determination, looking out for their wellbeing, getting to know themselves and reaching for their own goals, positive self-esteem and confidence. These factors were the main target of what people in America have in mind of what happiness means to each different person. For others it could be to help other people to help those in need, serving their country, this is only about 27% of the people, about 47% said that by simply being happy no matter what they did will make them happy because of to them happiness is there to be shared with others, as well as their own selves, and the material things are just a small part of their happiness. Though for many they do not settle down with simply “good enough”, those people may find what they think is happiness, those people will go to extreme measures as in getting into the daily stresses that they encounter in order to go further, but along the way sacrificing a lot of moments he/she iis supposed to pass time with their families, though the...
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