Psy/220 Week 4

Topics: Wisdom, Virtue, Intelligence Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Checkpoint: Human Virtues
The one virtue that I look up to is wisdom. Many people may confuse wisdom for intelligence; however, they are completely different. Being wise is not measured by an IQ test, and it does not mean that you are book smart. There are many people that may be experts in their field, yet they may still lack wisdom. Of course there are famous wise people such as Oprah Winfrey and Gandhi, but I look up to my sister as a very wise person. She has always had good, sensible judgment no matter the kind of situation, and she has always learned from mistakes. The other attributes that characterize a wise person are reasoning ability, sagacity, use of information, and perspicacity. I believe that my sister is wise because she has gone through many life experiences that she has been able to learn from. Of course, wisdom may increase with age because you may encounter more life experiences. For example, my mother never went to school because she grew up in a small town in Mexico many years ago, however, she teaches me things because she has learned through her own mistakes. I do not take her advice just because she didn’t go to school; in fact, she has taught me many more things I need to know in the real life than anybody else has. My sister is an open-minded person that has helped me through many of my situations. Even when she disliked a certain situation of mine, she looked at it from two points of views and gave me an honest answer. Wisdom is very important to me because I believe it makes situations in life easier, and many people look up to that.
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