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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Question 1. In my opinion socioeconomic status, cultural context, and ethnicity play a large role in human development. Socioeconomic status can affect education, healthcare, housing, nutrition, and habits among a host of other things. SES can bring about disadvantages and advantages, as well as create opportunities or limit the ability to succeed. In education a lower SES can mean the difference between going to a preschool program receiving a beneficial start to education and staying at home and being placed in front of a television program. A lower SES can make a difference in healthcare as well in being able to have access to thing such as pre natal vitamins, medications, and preventative medicine. SES and housing can effect development by limiting the opportunities for family’s to gather, affecting development of morals and habits.

Culture plays a large role in development. It is what makes us what we are. Culture has a great doing in shaping our lives; it makes us do things that separate us from each other. Culture influences a human being from the moment they are born. The way we eat, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we act is all got to do with our culture. Culture is a way of living, it can affect humans in a positive and negative way, for example, a positive way would be that when you are a guest at a house, people treat you with respect; a negative way is that it would be looked down on if you take advantage of something that they have or even look like you are. It effects our development and growth by teaching us what to do at certain times, which changes our personality completely and if we did not have culture, we would be completely different than what we are today, which could have its positive effects and its negative effects, if we didn't have culture, the positive effect would be that we would open up more, the negative effect is that we would be like wild animals. Your ethnicity on other hand is not the same as your culture. A culture can be made up of several different ethnic groups sharing the same attributes such as religion, language, national origin, and often share the same ancestors. For example, New York City is made up of numerous different ethnicities making up one culture. Without our ethnicity influences our development would not be unique. Question 2.Human development researchers study culture to understand how it is related to the development of one's life. Our culture plays an important role in shaping the principles of an individual's life. Learning more about how others develop and grow can provide additional insight into the person you have become. Studying other cultures development can also help us learn more about our future. By understanding different cultural processes researchers can identify the ways in which culture impacts our behavior, family life, education, social experiences and other areas. For example, while people of all cultures experiences happiness, how this feeling is expressed varies from one culture to the next. One may simply choose to smile while another may want to dance and shout. Question 3.In my own development I can see characteristics such as Multidirectional, Multicultural, and Plasticity as it relates to my social, physical, and cognitive perspective. In my own life I can relate the multidirectional characteristic to my education. In grade school I was slow to develop cognitively. It was second grade when my teacher approached my mother about the possibility of placing me in a learning disability class. Luckily, my mother refused this offer and contributed my lack of cognitive behavior to laziness. I believe not placing me in this class not only affected me cognitively, but socially as well. By not having the stigma, or label, as having a learning disability allowed me to eventually to reach my full potential. I went on to take honors classes in high school and graduate with an advanced diploma, as well to go to college and earn two...
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