Psy 210 Appendix D

Topics: Self-esteem, Bullying, Human Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: August 26, 2010
Appendix D

The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each: a.Identify the stressor(s).
b.Briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice. c.Briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and why you consider this approach a healthy choice. d.Identify two possible moderators of stress for this situation.

SituationSource(s) of StressUnhealthy ReactionHealthy ReactionTwo Possible Moderators of Stress Every morning, as she prepares for her two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a headache.A routine of needing to prepare for her long drive to work. She is feeling frustration.It is an unhealthy choice because it causes her headaches. Allow plenty of time to get to work and try to prepare things the night before. By not leaving preparation for the morning, I believe it would help reduce stress and relieve some of the headachesShe could carpool to help with the stress of commuting by herself or listen to audio books to help the 2 hour drive pass by faster and enjoyable. She could get everything ready the night before. Jim hates attending meetings at which he might be asked a question. His hands begin to shake at the thought of not having the right answer.1. Attending meetings.2.not having correct answer, loss of control (shaking) He has low self esteem or self worth.He shows signs of nervousness, lack of control and low self worth.He could prepare for the meeting by going over the information to be discussed. He wouldn’t be unprepared so he would be able to answer with confidence.He could think more positive to build up his self worth and keep a better frame of mind to alleviate the nervousness. Lori's stomach hurts constantly. Lori was married eight months ago, is expecting her first child in five months, and just started a new job after finishing her graduate degree.She has to many things going on at one time, new job, new marriage, and new baby on way...
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