Psy 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment

Life’s Turns, Curves, and Narrow Paths

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Marc Weniger

PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment

4 June 2010

Life’s Turns, Curves, and The Paths

I’m 42 years old and just started school again for the 3rd time to finish my degree up. I never thought I would be this old and going back to school, again. My plans in life never had college in them. My only plans were to join the service right after high school to get the heck out of the town I grow up in. In this paper, I will try to give a small outline of my life events and where I plan on being 20 years from now. I will analyze some of my life experiences using what I have read and learned so far in adult development theories from this class. I grew up in a small town of about 1200. Both my mother and father were factory workers with no college education. For that matter my father never went pasted the 6th grade. He could not read or write his entire life, but the man knew how to use his hands and commonsense to get by fairly well. My mother married my father right out of high school, which was against her father wishes; she was in love, my father in lust. Dad always worked the 1st shift and my mother worked the 3rd shift. This way there was always someone home, but it didn’t give any quality time for them to spend as a couple, which killed their relationship among other things later down the road. I grew up in a small town in Ohio it was a nice quite place to grow up in. It funny now when I was little I use to think the town was such a big place to live. Now when I go back and stop at both stop signs (they took the lights out years ago to save money) I laugh a bit at myself for thinking that way. Anyway, I’m the middle child of five; I have two bothers and two sisters. The boys were in the middle of the pack. Our family wasn’t the typical loving family, we all fought like dogs and cats all the time, with the exception of my young brother we were very...
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