Psy 201 Week 6 Assignment

Topics: Africa, Sociology, South Africa Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Vukani-Ubuntu: A Social Entrepreneurial Answer to Social Development Issues in South Africa

I chose this particular article because it investigates a South-African based social entrepreneurial enterprise with a single interview. Supposedly there are indications that the Vukani-Ubuntu project can serve as an example to help address social development issues in South Africa.

Three of the biggest social development issues in South Africa are AIDS/HIV, extreme poverty, and the high prevalence of unemployment. This is where the Social Entrepreneurship comes into play. A Social Entrepreneurship is defined as an emerging discipline in management sciences that help provide sustainable solutions to social problems like these. However, a business cannot progress in this type of society, because they can only function in societies that are healthy. Social Entrepreneurship may, indeed, be a feasible answer to unemployment and social needs, but the problem is that it could easily lead to some type of dependency. The sole purpose is to take the problems that South Africa is faced with and turn them into opportunities for all of the individuals with social issues.

If I had to write a research paper on this topic, Yes, I would absolutely use this article as part of my paper. This particular article contains a lot of information that is not only beneficial for South Africa, but for other parts of the world as well. South Africa is not the only country that is struggling with unemployment, AIDS/HIV, and poverty. I would also use this article because it is not every day that you hear about a Nonprofit organization that is willing to take the time to help solve social development issues for little to nothing at all. Vukani-Ubuntu provides expertise, services to help one another support communities, and jewelry training for disadvantaged individuals in South Africa. I like the fact that there were several risks that were taken within this entrepreneurship.
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