Psy 201 Week 1 Assignment

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When I was in high school we had a teacher that was a very creative in the ways he taught us. He was always coming up with ideas to prove points to our class. I remember one day that was like any other and I suppose that there had been several people who had not been turning in assignments for a few weeks and he had been mentioning to the class for days that we need to be turning in our homework. He always stressed good grades and said that the doing homework would help us on an exam. He decided to offer us a deal in which we had to do all the homework given over the next two weeks. Following the two weeks we would have an exam over the topic we were studying. He guaranteed us that our class average would be higher than the last exam we took. He promised us if we did as we agreed we would have a pizza party but the catch was if he was wrong about our class average he would agree to wear a wig of our choice around the school for one day.

I am really unsure what type of informal method of research we used but the way we collected the research was from the actual class exams. We compared the two class averages from two separate exams to see if doing our homework actually helped our grades and as a matter of fact it did improve them. I think this method of research is similar to the correlation research which is a method used by psychologist. In correlation research two variables are closely examined to see if there is a relationship between the two. Somewhat like in our experiment we conducted to see if doing our homework affected our grade on an exam. We were looking for a relationship between the two and the results showed if we do our homework then our grades will improve. So a relationship was proven to exist and in psychology they would call this trend positive correlation. Positive correlation is simply stating that if the value of a variable increases then we can assume the value of the other variable will increase as well as it did in our study. The amount...
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